2000 • Bilingual: English/Spanish •56 minutes • Documentary • PBS • Evangeline Griego: Producer & Director •
Distributed by About Time Productions

The ecosystems, watersheds and air basins that make up the natural resources along the U.S./Mexican border transcend politial boundaries. During the last decade, this one largely rural region, which stretches 2,000 miles from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico, has experienced unprecedented urbanization and industrial growth. The population has soared to well over 10 million, 90% of whom now dwell in cities.

In Border Visions/Visiones Fronterizos, the filmmakers document the environmental consequences of the the economic boom, including illegal hazardous waste disposal, wildlife and forest exploitation, contaminated drinking water, and health-threatening levels of air pollution. Compounding the challenge is a mosaic of overlapping local, state, and federal government agencies that encompass 10 U.S. and Mexican states, 28 cities and several tribal nations.

Through a unique bi-lateral program called Border 21, communities on both sides of the border, including indigenous peoples, are being asked to help decide their quality of life.Can economic development, public health and environmental protection coexist in the border region? As the documentary demonstrates, the answer lies in how both countries can unite in a common vision of the future.