Sweet Old World
A father and son, whose relationship has become cold and strained in the years since the son’s brother was killed in an accident, find themselves on the brink of disaster and the potential for a new life when the brother’s best friend returns.
Not yet released • Drama
Evangeline Griego: Producer
God Willing
What would you do if faith took your child away?
2010 • 73 minutes • Documentary • ITVS-PBS-LPB • Evangeline Griego: Writer, Director & Producer •
Distributed by About Time Productions
God Willing
Now available on DVD.
Calavera Highway
When brothers Armando and Carlos Peña set off to carry their mother's ashes to south Texas, their road trip turns into a quest for answers about a strangely veiled past.
2008 • 83 minutes • Documentary • PBS-POV • Evangeline Griego: Producer
New Americans
The New Americans follows four years in the lives of a diverse group of contemporary immigrants and refugees as they journey to start new lives in America.
2004 • 411 minutes • Documentary series • PBS • Evangeline Griego: Segment Co-Producer